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Embassy News

US thanks Cyprus for assisting in Lebanon crisis
2006-10-05 11:24:54

Nicosia, Oct 5 ? US Undersecretary of State for Consular Affairs Maura Harty has thanked Cyprus Foreign Ministry and all government services for the help provided for the repatriation of thousands of foreign citizens, especially Americans, during the recent crisis in Lebanon.

Ms. Harty had a meeting with Cyprus Foreign Ministry Acting Permanent Secretary Alexandros Zenon.

An official press release also said that Harty also praised the excellent way in which Nicosia had managed the different groups involved in the humanitarian effort during the crisis and the high level of services provided by the Cyprus state to those in need.

Meanwhile, eight warships have docked at Limassol port, in the framework of UN Security Council resolutions for the surveillance of coastal waters of Lebanon and in general security in the area.

Around 1000 members of the multinational mission are on board of corvettes, frigates and supply ships from Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The fleet is to be further reinforced within the next 24hours.

The mission will be based in Cyprus and will depart in around 48 hours.

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