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ICF and ISF President: Turkish embargo on Cypriot ships illegal
2006-10-19 11:41:19

Nicosia, Oct 16 The head of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Shipping Federation (ISF) has warned Turkey that its embargo on ships flying the Cyprus flag is ''illegal and must end.''

Mr. Spyros Polemis, who is visiting Cyprus at the invitation of the Cyprus Shipping Council also said: ''This is an illegality which we have fought as much as we can''.

Mr. Polemis also noted that shipping is very important for Cyprus, which along with Greece are very important partners in the European shipping industry, adding that ISF and ICS will continue their cooperation with Cyprus.

''This cooperation is very important as far as Europe shipping is concernced,'' he stressed.

Turkey, which invaded Cyprus in 1974 and occupies its northern third, restricted in 1987 the entry of ships flying the Cyprus flag to Turkish ports. Furthermore in 1997 Turkey extended these restrictive measures to ships carrying other flags which cruise from ports in the southern government-controlled areas of Cyprus to Turkish ports or to ships that relate to the Republic of Cyprus in matters of ownership or ship management.

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