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Embassy News

2002-07-23 08:51:27

Sunday, 21/7/2002

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ioannis Kasoulides, speaking today at the rally of UK citizens of Cypriot descent in London’s Trafalgar Square on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the Turkish invasion, said, among others

: I have come to be with you in order to mark the heinous crime of the invasion and occupation of 37% of our homeland by Turkey, 28 long years ago. This long period of time does not alleviate pain and neither does it do away with the injustice, nor, of course, does it create right or law.

Along with the citizens of the U.K. of Cypriot descent many Britons and others are here with us today and amongst them the Right Honorable Members of Parliament, members of the House of Lords and of the European Parliament. They stand together with us year after year, not because they want to take sides, let alone to side with their constituents as an elected representative would have liked to do.

They are here, year after year because they side with international law, they side with the adherence to the principles of justice, respect of human rights and basic freedoms, they side with the necessity to observe the decisions and resolutions of the Security Council, of the Council of Europe and with the relevant communiqu?s of the Commonwealth. They are here with us today conscious of the bonds and responsibilities of the United Kingdom towards Cyprus. The responsibilities of the UK as guarantor power, which undertook to protect the independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus that was established by the Treaty of Establishment through which the U.K. relinquished its sovereignty to it and to its people as a whole. This sovereignty is indivisible and certainly indissoluble. This has been reiterated year after year in all Security Council Resolutions calling for a state of Cyprus with a single sovereignty, single international personality and single citizenship.

Our distinguished guests, here with us today, have been monitoring all along all the efforts to reach a just and fair settlement to the problem of Cyprus. I am sure they know by now which side has been constructive, flexible and has cooperated in efforts for peace. Even in this present time, as this unique window of opportunity is on offer, they know about the recent statement to the press of the President of the Security Council of ten days ago which once again refers to the "less constructive attitude of the TC side" showing that the tolerance and patience of the Security Council is wearing thin.

If Turkey, for designs of her own, or for reasons made publicly known by Boulent Etzevit and Sukru Sina Gurel, still considers the present status quo as the solution to the problem of Cyprus, then we will have no other alternative but to cross the last remaining step leading us to the European Union.

The way we envisage our country in the near future, is connected both with our vision for a prosperous and developing in peace and security Cyprus, and with the way in which we vision the momentum that this development will create for all the Cypriots, G/C and TC alike. Such a development, will increase the pressure from both sides of the divide, thus causing its collapse.

The first signs have already been felt. In the last municipal elections held in the occupied part of Cyprus, the opposition of Mr. Denktash won an overwhelming victory, campaigning for a bizonal-bicommunal Cyprus member of the EU.

In the immortal words of Martin Luther King, " I have a dream". I have a dream of a re-united, reconciled, peaceful, prospering, socially just and happy Cyprus, a jewel in the crown of the EU in the Eastern Mediterranean. This dream cannot and will not forever be deferred.

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