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Cyprus President: No country wants interruption of Turkey-EU talks
2006-11-16 10:21:00

Nicosia, Nov 13 – Many countries may have reservations on Turkey’s EU course, all of them undoubtedly consider it a duty to fulfill its obligations towards the EU, but no country wants the interruption of Turkey’s EU course, said Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos.

Commenting on statements on Turkey by Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik in Brussels this week that “if there is no important move from here until December, it might be wise to agree on a time-out to reduce tension” without clarifying what she meant by “time out”, the President said “this will become evident in the course”.

“I have repeatedly said that many countries might have reservations over Turkey, surely all of them without an exception consider it a duty for Turkey to fulfill its obligations towards the EU. However I believe that no country would like its (accession) talks to be interrupted”, the President also said.

“Now, which sanctions might be taken, this is still uncertain. Remember, that any sanctions require unanimity. Therefore even a country which does not want sanctions to be imposed, has the power of veto”, he added.

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