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Omeriye Baths in Nicosia were awarded with Europa Prize 2005
2006-11-24 08:42:59

Nicosia, Nov 20 – Omeriye Turkish Baths in Nicosia were awarded with the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Prize 2005.

Speaking during Monday’s award ceremony, Europa Nostra Vice President Costas Carras read out the decision which said that the prize was given “for the safeguarding of the authenticity and adaptation to contemporary needs of a distinctive landmark of the walled city of Nicosia and for the sensitive treatment of an Islamic architectural element in a multicultural context.”

Mr. Carras also noted that it was a great day both for Cyprus and for the ideal of the European unity, adding that the conservation and restoration of monuments constitutes one of the most disciplined and most fulfilling forms of creation, since it contributes to overcoming the damage which the tragic events of the past have caused.

Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to UNESCO and member of the Council of Europa Nostra Edmee Leventis said the “restoration of the baths involved the use of compatible materials and best practice conservation principles, thereby safeguarding the authenticity of the structure.”

Mrs. Leventis also said the Omeriye Baths are an important example of Ottoman architecture in Cyprus. Head of DG Enlargement Unit of the European Commission Andrew Rasbash said that, “we are here to celebrate a fine example of the genre-restored to is former glory, a place where Cypriot, and perhaps the occasional foreign visitor, can gather to plot the future in beautiful surrounding and emerge relaxed and cleansed, having experienced one of life’s few pleasures that is neither immoral nor illegal nor fattening.”

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