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ECHR admits Foka v. Turkey application
2006-11-30 09:09:16

Nicosia, Nov 29 - The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has decided to admit the application of Greek Cypriot Eleni Foka, who complained that she had been subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, deprived of her liberty and security, disrespect for her private life and interference with her home.

Ms. Foka, the teacher at the Greek Cypriot elementary school at the enclaved region of Rizokarpasso in the area of Cyprus under Turkish occupation, was forced to leave both her home and work. She accuses Turkey of persecution because of her ethnic origin and religious beliefs and her opposition to the Turkish military occupation of the northern third of Cyprus.

The ECHRís decision was taken on November 9th. The Court did not accept, either, that there are effective and legal measures the applicant should have taken before appealing to the ECHR.

According to Ms. Fokasí lawyer, Christos Triantafyllides, this has ''an immediate impact on the allegations of the Turkish Cypriot regime that there is a corporate state in the occupied areas.''

''Now the case will be promoted to the next stage, which is the presentation of testimonies and any additional allegations. We will prepare and promote this part of the case of the applicant as well,'' he also said.

In its decision, the ECHR says that in the light of the parties' submissions, the application raises ''serious issues of fact and law under the Convention,'' and declares ''the application admissible.''

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