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President Papadopoulos says Cyprus will not be turned into a “Taiwan type" entity
2006-12-07 12:11:05

President Tassos Papadopoulos said yesterday that Cyprus, part of which is occupied by Turkey since 1974, will not be turned into a “Taiwan type” entity in the western world.

Speaking in Beijing during his official visit there, the President stressed the Cypriot Government’s determination to resist all such efforts.

“Our position is based on principles. Our expectation of the support of China in this endeavour is the natural consequence of the indisputable fact that our countries share the same principles and ideals, enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations: respect of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of States, as well as non-interference of any State in the internal affairs of another”, he also said.

The Cypriot President then expressed gratitude to China, “for its principled support of the independence, territorial and sovereignty in several international fora and most notably in the Security Council of the United Nations, where China is one of its five Permanent Members”.

He also expressed Cyprus’ gratitude for China’s support to the efforts for a just and viable solution of the Cyprus question on the basis of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions, European principles and international law.

Vice chairwoman of the National People's Congress of China Wu Yun Qi Mu Ge said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cyprus and China, the two countries support and respect each other, adding that China understands and supports Cyprus in its effort to secure its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“The Chinese people will never forget that in 1971 Cyprus voted in favor of China at the UN Security Council," she said.

She thanked Cyprus for its support to China within the EU and noted that China has a good friend and partner within the Union.

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