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Cyprus Government believes Turkey’s new EU proposal mocks the Union
2006-12-07 13:00:51

Cyprus Foreign Minister Yiorgos Lillikas today said Turkey is mocking the European Union by promising to open not all but merely one port to vessels of the Government of Cyprus.

The Foreign Minister also stressed that the Turkish Government essentially gives another promise, under conditions, to the Presidency of the European Union which concerns the fulfillment of the obligations it has undertaken in part, rather than in full.

"Turkey promises to open not all but merely one port to vessels of the Government of Cyprus and only for transportation of goods from Cyprus, thus excluding Cypriot vessels from the rest of the transit trade of the European Union. Essentially, Turkey refrains from meeting the obligations it has undertaken,” the Minister also said.

These obligations are:

(a) The full implementation of the Customs Union Agreement and the Ankara Protocol by opening all her ports and airports to the Cypriot vessels and airplanes.

(b) The normalization of her relations with the Cyprus Republic beginning by not objecting to the participation of Cyprus in international organizations.

(c) The recognition of the Republic of Cyprus.

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