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EU Finnish Presidency says: “Turkey did not honor its commitments and that has consequences”
2006-12-21 08:18:04

Brussels, Dec 18 - Finland’s Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen told the European Parliament on Monday that the decision of the 25 EU member states concerning Turkey was clear: “Turkey did not honor its commitments and that has consequences”.

He also said: “But I want to stress that Turkey's future is in the European Union. Turkey's accession process did not grind to a halt during the Finnish Presidency, nor was it shunted into a siding. And there was no question of the much predicted derailment. The process may have slowed down for a while but the final destination is unchanged.”

Moreover, European People's Party and European Democrats (EPP-ED) leader in the European Parliament Hans-Gert Poettering, who is expected to replace European Parliament President Josep Borrell Fontelles, next month, also called on Turkey to fulfill its obligations.

In Nicosia, Government Spokesman Christodoulos Pashiardis said that the implementation of the EU direct trade regulation for the Turkish Cypriots demands a constructive stance by Turkey. He also noted that any political considerations should be removed from efforts for financial assistance to the Turkish-Cypriots.

Mr. Pashiardis added that the government consults with its European partners for the solution of this issue ''aiming at the financial assistance of the Turkish Cypriots as legal citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.''

''The direct trade is a clear financial issue which must not be attached in any way to the political considerations of the Turkish side, or identified with the artificial issue of the so-called isolation of the Turkish Cypriots,'' he stressed.

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