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Nicosia protests to USA over controversial CIA flights
2007-01-25 10:17:33

Nicosia, Jan 24 – The Cyprus Government has made representations to the US Embassy in Nicosia regarding the use of Cypriot airports by CIA planes for “extraordinary renditions,” according to Government Spokesman Christodoulos Pashiardes.

Commenting on a European Parliament interim report on the alleged use by the CIA of European airports - including Cyprus’ - for the transportation of prisoners, Mr. Pashiardes also said: “We have no reasons or evidence to question this report. We have, however, evidence to support our belief that there are no practical and effective ways to check on the exact identity and content of the planes that land for technical reasons at Cypriot airports.”

He also said: “CIA aircrafts have no recognizable insignia, it leases aircraft from various companies and when one of these planes requests permission to land for technical reasons in our airports, it is not obliged to give a list of its passengers and of course there is no way to know if the specific aircraft or aircrafts are leased by the CIA”.

The Spokesman then stressed that when an aircraft asks for such permission, the only information given is the airport of departure and the final destination.

''We cannot check whether the specific aircraft will land at the reported destination'', he added.

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