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Armenians in Cyprus condemn Hrant Dink's assassination
2007-02-01 11:35:12

Nicosia, Jan 29 - Armenian organisations in Cyprus staged a demonstration on Sunday at the Armenian Nareg church in Nicosia to condemn the recent assassination in Turkey of Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.

Armenian Archbishop Varoujian said Hrant Dink was the most recent martyr of the Armenian genocide, adding that ''many Hrants will follow but the guilt will continue to rest with Turkey until it decides to wash it off with its own hands.''

''Hrant Dink was a courageous publisher, who aimed at the modernisation of Turkey. He was the voice of his nation, which will be heard for ever. His fault was the pain in his soul from the genocide. He was a messenger of global justice, human rights and the reconciliation of peoples,'' the Archbishop also noted.

Addressing the gathering, Cypriot EuroMP Ioannis Kasoulides said the European Parliament dealt with the Armenian genocide on many occasions, especially after charges brought against people, in violation of the principle for freedom of expression, which was the real cause of Mr. Dink's assassination.

''It is something the EU will not tolerate in Turkey's efforts to join the Union. Everhting that arms the hands of fascists and blind nationalists will have to be wiped out and cleansing must be brought about with the recognition of the genocide,'' he added.

A declaration read out at the demonstration says that the murder of Hrant Dink on 19 January 2007 shook not only the Armenians around the world but the international community as well.

It adds that the crime proves that extremity and terrorism continue to be traits of the Turkish race, whose victims are the peoples of neighbouring countries.

The declaration wonders how Turkey can aspire to become a member of civilised humanity, pushing to join the EU, since it ''officially violates democracy, human rights and the principle for peaceful cohabitation of peoples, keeping in abeyance the Armenian question and the division of Cyprus, while violating the rights of the Kurdish people.''

The last article written by Hrant Dink was read out to the demonstrators, titled ''My inner world like the anxious dove.''

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