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US, UK position on Cyprus’ rights is correct, says Foreign Minister
2007-02-01 11:50:20

Larnaca, Feb 1 – Cyprus Foreign Minister Yiorgos Lillikas has said that the position of the USA and Britain that Cyprus’ rights in international law are “not in doubt” is correct.

US State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said on Wednesday that Turkey's reactions to agreements signed by Cyprus with neighbouring countries regarding the exploration and exploitation of possible oil reserves or natural gas in the sea area off the island highlighted the necessity for a settlement of the Cyprus problem. He also said “we recognise the Republic of Cyprus as a sovereign state.”

A spokesman for the British High Commission told CNA the “legal personality of the Republic of Cyprus and its rights in international law are not in doubt”.

Speaking before departing for Malta to take part in the third informal meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of EU Mediterranean countries, he also pointed out that ''it is the sovereign right of UN member states to use and exploit any natural wealth reserves they have either in their waters or within their territory”.

''Interventions such as those by Turkey prove its lack of respect towards international law and that Turkey is very far from becoming a European country as regards its political culture as well as respect for its neighbours’ sovereignty,” he added.

Mr. Lillikas also stressed that Turkey “tends to become a factor of instability in the Eastern Mediterranean at a time when both the EU and the international community are making many efforts to achieve peace and stability in this region”.

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