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China assures of same policy on Cyprus issue
2007-02-08 10:49:13

Larnaca, Feb 5 - China has not changed its policy on the Cyprus issue, Ambassador of China to Nicosia Yali Zhao said shortly after an aircraft from Shanghai landed, suspiciously, at the illegal airport in Turkish-occupied Cyprus.

The Government of China respects and supports the United Nations resolutions on Cyprus, the Ambassador also said before explaining that his countryís Civil Aviation is investigating the incident.

He also noted that approval was given to a flight plan of a Turkish interestsí aircraft which took off from Shanghai with Adana being its final destination.

Investigations are under way to find out what exactly happened and why the destination of the aircraft during the flight changed, he added.

It is out of the question that China changes its policy towards Cyprus, he stressed before pointing out that relations between Cyprus and China are excellent.

These have been strengthened further after Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulosí official visit to China in December 2006, he concluded.

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