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Cyprus is trying to stop extinction of endangered vulture species
2007-02-22 12:01:44

Efforts are underway in Cyprus to boost the local vulture stocks as their numbers are dangerously dwindling, because of poisoned food and material that people leave behind to control vermin.

“Such practices result in the extermination of a very useful and important bird for our island, the vulture,” said Limassol Mayor Andreas Christou after handing over a vulture egg to Forestry Department officials.

The egg will be taken to Paphos for the incubation period which is about ten days. After three months, the newborn vulture will be returned to its parents at Limassol zoo to become accustomed to its environment and be sent into the wild when it is one year old.

“The vulture is a species on the verge of extinction and if no drastic action is taken by the state or by environmental organizations, we will only be able to see vultures in photographs”, the Mayor also said.

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