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Cyprus President decorates Harvard School of Public Health Dean
2007-03-22 09:28:41

Nicosia, Mar 20 Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos has decorated Harvard's School of Public Health Dean, Dr. Barry Bloom, with the Great Cross of the Order of Makarios III.

In an address, Mr. Papadopoulos described it as a ''moral obligation,'' because both Dr. Bloom and Harvard embraced and supported the aim of Cyprus to turn the island into a regional research centre on environmental and public health issues. As a result, he added, the establishment of the Cyprus International School for the Environment and Public Health in association with the Harvard School of Public Health has become a reality.

''Our aim was, and still is, to turn the Institute into a pioneering academic and research centre which will safeguard the environment and promote public health, not only for the sake of our own people, but also for the peoples of neighboring countries,'' the President also said.

He then stressed: ''The issues that concern the environment and public health have neither geographical boundaries nor time limits. They are issues that concern all of us and are valid for life. They are issues that demand universal awareness and collective effort.''

Dr. Bloom praised the Cypriot leadership which, he said, had a vision shared by Harvard ''to bring scientists, researchers, educators and government officials and the business community together, from Harvard, Cyprus and from other countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, North Africa and the Middle East to provide scientific information that will enable all of us to preserve and protect the fragile environment of the island and region and to improve the public's health and well being.''

The Harvard School of Public Health - Cyprus International Initiative focuses on issues such as air pollution, water and health throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, cancer research and control in Cyprus and in the region, tobacco research and control and occupational health.

''This Initiative, with the unfailing support of the leadership of the government, has brought together representatives from the ministries of health and environment in 13 countries in the region for meeting here in Cyprus and we have began a dialogue about how governments and scientists in the region can work together to improve the environment and health of everyone living her,'' Dr. Bloom added.

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