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Cyprus Government welcomes UN call for implementation of July 8 Agreement
2007-03-29 09:11:26

Nicosia, Mar 29 - The Cypriot Government responds positively and actively to a UN Security Council call regarding the implementation of the July 8 agreement, Government Spokesman Christodoulos Pashiardis has said. He added that the Turkish-Cypriot leadership is continuing the evaluation of its stance regarding the July 8 agreement, despite the fact that six days have passed since the intention to evaluate the agreement was announced.

Responding to a statement by the Security Council, Mr. Pashiardis also welcomed the position of the UN in favour of the establishment of technical committees and working groups in order to prepare the ground for negotiations that will lead to a comprehensive and lasting settlement of the Cyprus problem.

''This was and continues to be the position of the Greek Cypriot side,'' Mr. Pashiardis pointed out, adding that ''a similar response is expected on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot side.''

Asked if the Greek Cypriot side had any information regarding the Turkish Cypriot evaluation of the agreement, Mr. Pashiardis said ''there has been no development in the resumption of the process to implement the July 8 agreement.''

''The Turkish Cypriot side is still carrying out the evaluation of its stance, which as had initially been determined and announced would last only two days,'' he added.

He pointed out that six days have already passed and the evaluation has not yet been concluded.

Mr. Pashiardis then expressed hope that the final outcome of the evaluation would be, ''not just the return of the Turkish Cypriot side to the talks, but also the active expression of political will on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot side to cooperate for the implementation of what has been agreed, if of course it is interested in opening the way for substantive negotiations that will lead to a solution of the Cyprus problem.''

Moreover, Cyprus’ Foreign Minister George Lillikas said today that the UN Security Council statement regarding the July 8 agreement was in the right direction.

Asked if there were any indications that the Turkish Cypriot side would proceed with the implementation of the July 8 agreement, Mr. Lillikas said there were not.

''The statement of the Security Council is in the right direction and we hope that there will be the necessary good will, after the appeal and statement of the Security Council, in order to implement the July 8 agreement,'' he added.

Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat agreed on July 8, 2006, during a meeting in Nicosia in the presence of UN official Ibrahim Gambari, to begin a process of bicommunal discussions on issues that affect the day-to-day life of the people and concurrently those that concern substantive issues, both contributing to a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem.

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