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Embassy News

Cyprus is hosting five matches for the 1st round of the second group of the Davis Cup
2007-04-04 11:15:03

Cyprus will play against Finland.

The Cypriot team will be led by Davis Cup coach Yiannos Hadjigeorgiou, and Cyprus tennis players Marcos Bagdhatis and Photos Kallias, will participate in the start-up singles lineup, along with Petros Baghdatis and Chrisofer Koutrouzas.

The Finnish team is made up of Jarco Nieminen and Timo Nieminen, Juho Paukku and Tuomas Katola, and is coached by Joakim Berner.

The five matches will take place at the National Tennis Centre in Nicosia between 6 and 8 April (two singles matches, one doubles and two singles).

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