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Embassy News

2002-08-14 22:31:53

WARNING MESSAGE Illegal "sale" of Greek-Cypriot owned property in the area of Cyprus under Turkish Military Occupation

As explained in this message, entering into a "deal" for the purchase of immovable property belonging to Greek Cypriots situated in the area of Cyprus under Turkish military occupation, constitutes an illegal act, which will expose the "purchaser" to grave legal and financial consequences.

No title can be legally obtained by the purchaser upon conclusion of such a "deal".

The judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in the cases of Loizidou V Turkey (judgment dated 18.12.1996) and Cyprus V Turkey, (judgment dated 10.5.2001) clearly set out the following points:

1. The administrative practice applied by the subordinate local administration of Turkey in the occupied area of Cyprus of issuing "title deeds" to the new occupants of properties belonging to Greek Cypriots situated in the occupied area of Cyprus is based upon "legislative" and "constitutional" provisions of the said administration, which cannot be attributed any legal validity whatsoever. 2. Greek Cypriot owners, cannot be deemed to have lost their legal title to their properties and have always remained and will continue to remain the "ONLY" true and lawful owners.

Further to the above, purchasers, particularly those domiciled in the UK, run the risk of being sued AT ANY TIME by the Greek Cypriot owners, many of whom are also domiciled in the UK, before British Courts for trespass, or conspiracy to commit trespass, to such properties. Similar actions based on tort could very well be brought before the Courts of the Republic of Cyprus.

The present message sets out the TRUE LEGAL position in this matter, as upheld by an independent and internationally recognized judicial body, namely the European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg. It does not contain any political argumentation, nor is it intended to convey political messages. It must, however, be borne in mind by persons who intend entering into such "deals" and by those who have already done so that Greek Cypriot property owners have been the victims of flagrant violations of their inalienable right to enjoyment of their properties and that for every day that such violations continue the lawful owners of properties concerned are determined to make use of every legal tool before national or international fora to enforce their rights against any person illegally interfering with their rights.

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