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Cyprus trade deficit widens in Jan-Feb of 2007
2007-04-19 09:20:46

The trade deficit for Cyprus widened to CYŁ 193m (US$ 325m) in February 2007 compared with CYŁ 181m (US$ 423m) in February 2006, based on preliminary results.

For the first two months as a whole, the trade deficit widened to CYŁ 395m (US$ 924m), compared with CYŁ 369m (US$ 863m) in the same period of 2006.

If the trend continues, then the trade deficit will breach the record of CYŁ 26b (US$ 60b) posted for the whole of 2006.

Total exports/dispatches amounted to CYŁ 45m (US$ 106m) in February, of which CYŁ 30m (US$ 70m) was dispatches to other EU member states and CYŁ 15m (US$ 39m) exports to third countries.

Total imports/ arrivals in February amounted to CYŁ 238m (US$ 557m), of which CYŁ 179m (US$ 419m) was arrivals from other EU member states CYŁ 59m (US $138m) imports from third countries.

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