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Slovenia wants a reunified Cyprus the soonest possible
2007-04-26 10:30:36

Ljubjana, Apr 26 – President of Slovenia Janez Drnovsek, who described the division of Cyprus - an EU member state - as the result of a violent act by Turkey, stressed that his country wants a reunified Cyprus the soonest possible.

Mr. Drnovsek, who was speaking to the press after talks with visiting Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos, also stressed: “We perfectly agree with the position of Cyprus and the President who is trying to achieve a just solution after long years of Turkish occupation of part of the island.''

He added: ''We would all like to see Cyprus reunified as soon as possible and the situation normalized, however it is difficult. Today’s situation, the division, was caused by a violent act a couple of decades ago, and that is why we should not accept it as something which goes without saying…a just situation needs to be developed and prepared and the injustices that have happened have to be abolished. This is the only way to reach a stable solution that will be acceptable for the people of Cyprus.”

President Papadopoulos expressed Cyprus’ gratitude for Slovenia’s firm policy of principles and position on Cyprus, noting that it is the first country from the 10 new member states which assumes the EU presidency in 2008 and was the first country which adopted the Euro.

Noting that “we have a lot to learn from Slovenia”, President Papadopoulos also expressed the hope that with this visit “a new era will start in closer cooperation in the field of business, tourism and culture”.

On Turkey’s EU aspirations, the President said: “we support the orientation and progress of Turkey to the EU, on one important condition, provided that Turkey will fulfill all its obligations towards the EU and complies with the conditions the EU has set out for every other applicant state.”

He then added: “It is a paradoxical situation that Turkey does not recognize us unless it wants our vote.” Turkey, he noted, is violating the obligations undertaken within the framework agreement which it has signed with the EU and the conditions laid down in December 2004, when Cyprus agreed to accept Turkey to start negotiations for EU membership.

The Cypriot President also said “there is a lesson to be drawn concerning the last proposal of the SG, the so called Annan plan for a solution on Cyprus. The obligation which Turkey would have undertaken in the Annan Plan would have been performed in the span of 18 -21 years”.

He stressed that Turkey has failed to implement the obligations it has undertaken in 2004 to confirm, ratify and implement the so called Ankara protocol. “It is therefore not surprising that Greek Cypriots rejected the Annan Plan where Turkey would have had to perform its obligations in 18-20 years” when it failed to implement those since 2004.

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