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EU Commission approves Cyprus cohesion policy
2007-05-10 10:35:03

Brussels, May 8 - Regional policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner and Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimír Špidla congratulated Cyprus for reaching an agreement with the European Commission on the national plan and priorities for Cohesion policy 2007-2013.

In their National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), the Cypriot authorities describe how they are going to invest EU funding of EUR 612 mln (USD 826 mln) that they will receive over seven years to deliver growth and jobs to their regions. The adoption procedure has now been completed and the European Commission issued its decision on elements of the Cypriot plan, including priorities, indicative annual allocations, and list of operational programs.

Regional policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner said: "I am very happy that the Cyprus' NSRF includes a significant commitment to the Lisbon strategy for jobs and growth. 58.9% of the investment has been "earmarked" for Lisbon related expenditure. This is the proof of Cyprus' commitment to the Lisbon Strategy. I am confident that we can make an important contribution to improving the competitiveness of Cypriot regions through this new generation of cohesion programs."

Commissioner Špidla added: "The Cyprus strategy contains a strong commitment to promoting the quality and intensity of investments in human resources. This shows once again that more and better jobs lie at the heart of the European reform agenda. With the priorities chosen by Cyprus, workers will be able to better adapt to changing circumstances. The strategy will also boost employment and promote social inclusion."

The NSRF, negotiated over the past few months, sets out in broad terms how Cyprus will use EUR 612 mln (USD 826 mln) EU resources in the next seven years to deliver growth and jobs.

The NSRF presents a good policy mix, which puts the accent on sectors which are important to key policies of the Union. The underlying objective of the NSRF is the achievement of real convergence with the EU through high rates of sustainable economic development. Cyprus' priorities for 2007-2013, as set out in the NSRF, are to strengthen the productive base of the economy and to provide support to enterprises, to promote the Knowledge Society, RTD and Innovation, to enhance the life-long learning system and the increase of employment and training opportunities for young people, to invest in environment, transport and energy infrastructure and to develop sustainable communities.

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