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Cyprus President stresses the only way to a solution is July 8 Agreement
2007-06-07 13:32:17

Nicosia, Jun 4 – Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos has expressed the hope that Ankara and the Turkish Cypriots will at long last cooperate in implementing the 8th of July Agreement, “which now, is the only way towards the comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem.”

Speaking at a state banquet in honor of visiting President of the Republic of Latvia, Mr. Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Mr. Papadopoulos also said that “the faits accomplish, imposed by the force of arms of the invading military forces of Turkey, cannot and will not be accepted or legitimized”.

He then stressed: “It is our greatest priority to seek a mutually acceptable solution through negotiations under United Nations auspices, on the basis of a bicommunal, bizonal federation which will ensure the genuine reunification of the island, its people, its institutions and its economy; a solution based on international law, the relevant United Nations Resolutions and compatible with the principles and values on which the European Union is founded.”

He also noted that the Government of the Republic of Cyprus remains faithful and is committed to the full implementation of the July 8 2006 Agreement, which provides for concurrent discussions on substantive issues of the Cyprus problem and those that affect the everyday life of all Cypriots.

“This process is necessary for a new successful endeavor for the comprehensive resolution of the Cyprus problem and has been so recognized by the UN Secretary-General as well as by al the Permanent Members of the Security Council of the United Nations. We sincerely hope that Ankara and the Turkish Cypriots will heed these calls and will at long last cooperate in implementing the Agreement, which now, is the only way towards the comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem,” he added.

He also noted that, regrettably, the Turkish side appears to persist in pursuing its separatist policy on Cyprus and is currently focusing on politically upgrading the status of the secessionist entity in the occupied area, under the guise of the so-called “lifting the isolation”.

Meanwhile, Cyprus Foreign Minister Yiorgos Lillikas said the final solution to the Cyprus problem must be based on EU principles and values and the European acquis, and this is not tantamount to replacing the role of the UN in negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem.

Speaking during a gathering organized by the Employers and Industrialists’ Federation on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the EU, Mr. Lillikas also said that Turkey’s EU accession course could act as a catalyst to change the Turkish position on Cyprus.

He added that so far Turkey has not shown any sign that it can implement its obligations towards the EU and become a European country.

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