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Greek and Cypriot Defense Ministers reiterate excellent cooperation
2007-06-21 14:02:00

The Ministers of Defense of Cyprus and Greece, Christodoulos Pashiardis and Evangelos Meimarakis, met in Athens on Tuesday June 19, and reaffirmed the excellent cooperation between the governments of the two countries. During their meeting, the two Ministers discussed bilateral issues and cooperation between Athens and Nicosia in the framework of the European security and defense policy.

Mr. Meimarakis assured Mr. Pashiardis that Greece will actively participate in the security issues of the island until a viable, functional and just settlement of the Cyprus problem is reached and the island is reunited.

The Greek Defense Minister said that "the relevant Security Council resolutions and the fundamental principles of the EU contain the basis for a settlement," adding that "an agreed settlement between the two communities, without mediation and suffocating timeframes, approved by referenda, is a realistic aim to which we remain dedicated."  He also pointed out that Cyprus played a significant role during the crisis in Lebanon, adding that '"the Republic of Cyprus can contribute in the best way to peace in the region."

With respect to the Joint Defense Pact between Cyprus and Greece, the Greek Minister ensured its validity and the cooperation between the two countries when it comes to “peace, security and stability in the region”.

Cypriot Defense Minister, Mr. Pashiardis reinforced his counterpart’s comments and added that the Joint Defense Pact will continue to exist for as long as there is Turkish threat and occupation in Cyprus.

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