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Kypria International Festival 2007 opens on the 3rd of September
2007-06-28 13:39:49

The annual Kypria International festival will open the 3rd of September and continue until the 20th of October in all towns of the free areas of the Republic of Cyprus. A total of 16 different groups will participate to give 31 performances, adding that internationally acclaimed artists are promising a unique festival.

The festival begins on the 3rd of September with the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra performance, entitled “Giants of the North-Sibelius & Grieg”, which will be conducted by Agis Ioannides.

Education and Culture Minister Mr. Akis Kleanthous said that the festival is the most significant cultural event in Cyprus, and noted that it is necessary to develop the cultural conscience of the public. For this reason, he added that “we are trying every year to provide the best possible, raising the standards of the peoples’ demands even higher because it deserves it”.

The festival is highlighted by performances such as “Complexions” of the New York Contemporary Dance Group, the “Barber of Seville” by the Moscow Helikon Opera, “40 years of musical creation” by Michalis Christodoulides with the participation of Marios Frangoulis, Jenny Drivala and Polyfonia Chamber Choir and the “Bejart Ballet Lausanne” with the performance “L’amour, La Danse”.

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