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European People’s Party President says failure of Annan plan does not pardon Turkey
2007-07-05 12:05:32

Nicosia, July 5 - European People's Party President Mr. Wilfried Martens at a joint press conference with Democratic Rally President Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, sent a clear message that the failure of the 2004 referendum on the Annan plan did not mean that Turkey has been pardoned from its continued military occupation of Cypriot territory. Mr. Martens also reassured Cyprus of the European People’s Party continuous support.

He added that ''This was expressed in the resolution on Cyprus, presented by the Democratic Rally and adopted by the EPP Congress in Rome in March 2006, which inter alia calls on the Turkish authorities to effect an early withdrawal, pursuant to the relevant UN resolutions, of its forces within a specific timetable, and calls on the Turkish authorities to show their constructive attitude in finding a settlement of the Cyprus question, leading to an equitable solution, based on the relevant UN resolutions and on the principles upon which the EU is founded''

Finally he stated that ''our common objective is none other than a unified Cyprus in a united Europe.'' He also pointed out that ''The continuing division of the island is a tragic anachronism and one which we are unwilling to accept.''

Mr. Nicos Anastasiades praised the role of the European People's Party in efforts to solve the Cyprus problem and stated that ''When others, after 2004, kept silent, the EPP and President Martens never ceased to deplore the occupation of northern Cyprus by the Turkish army. They never ceased to be the most steadfast supporters of a just and viable solution of the Cyprus problem. And we will continue to depend on the support of EPP until we achieve our aim for a reunited Cyprus, without troops, a common homeland for all Cypriots,'' he concluded.

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