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Cyprus President honors former US Congressmen
2007-07-05 12:06:33

Nicosia, Jul 3 – Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos has described former US Senator Paul Sarbanes and former US Congressman John Brademas “among the most ardent, tireless and unflinching supporters for the just cause of Cyprus in the United States”.

As he addressed the two men in Nicosia on Tuesday, the President stressed that only a solution based on UN resolutions and European Union law can secure a permanent, viable and stable political settlement in Cyprus, which is not tailor-made to the satisfaction of outside parties.

Mr. Papadopoulos paid tribute to “two long-standing and unwavering supporters of the people of the whole of Cyprus, Senator Paul Sarbanes and Congressman John Brademas”, as he bestowed on them the Grand Cross of the Order of Makarios II at a special ceremony at the Presidential Palace.

“I can think of no other two people who have done more for the nurturing of closer bonds between the people of Cyprus and the United States of America. I have always held the view and have declared on several public occasions that the first loyalty of Americans of Greek origin is to their host country, the United States of America”, the President said.

“The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has decided to pay tribute to their life-long commitment to the Rule of Law, ‘justice for Cyprus’, for the condemnation of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, for the end of the occupation of Cyprus soil by Turkish troops, for the end of the massive violations of human rights in Cyprus by Turkey and for promoting a just, functional and lasting solution to the Cyprus issue”, the Cypriot President added.

This last notion, he pointed out, “forms the cornerstone of their support towards Cyprus. Both men have for many years advocated a just solution to the Cyprus problem, not only because it is a Hellenic issue but because it is essentially a rule of law and human rights issue, under United States law.”

“Only a solution based on the relevant Security Council Resolutions and in accordance with the principles of international law, as well as the acquis communautaire of the European Union can secure a permanent, viable and stable solution, which will benefit all Cypriots. Such a solution, which is not tailor-made for the satisfaction of outside parties, will enhance the stability of the Eastern Mediterranean and is conducive to the interests of the United States,” he stressed.

The two men also visited the Harvard Institute of Cyprus on Monday where they were informed on the Institute’s activities. The Institute was established by The Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the Government of Cyprus as an international research, education, and technology initiative for the environment and public health, in Cyprus and the Mediterranean region.

The Institute’s director, Professor Filipos Democritos, praised the role of the two Greek Americans, noting their visit “shows their support and interest for the institute here in Cyprus”.

He repeated that Harvard’s presence on the island upgrades and enriches the academic life of Cyprus and the nearby areas and helps handle environmental issues. It also creates a new generation of scientists which will take over key positions in the field of public health.

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