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Demolition of Greek Cypriot houses in Turkish occupied Rizokarpaso
2007-07-12 13:11:21

Nicosia, Jul 6 - President of the Karpass Coordinating Committee Mr. Nicos Falas said on Friday July 6th that over 80 houses belonging to Greek Cypriots have been demolished in the Turkish occupied village of Rizokarpaso, while another 27 houses have been earmarked for the same purpose. According to Mr. Falas demolitions will begin in the village of Ayia Triada in the occupied areas.

British High Commissioner to Cyprus Peter Millet had a meeting with Mr. Falas during which they focused on the demolitions and in general the problems faced by the Greek Cypriots enclaved in the Karpass peninsula, as well as the restoration of the Saint Andreas monastery.

Mr. Falas stated that said that maybe, after the reaction of foreign governments, the demolition of the 27 other houses in Rizokarpaso will be put on hold. He added that he has requested from Mr. Rasit Pertev, advisor to the Turkish Cypriot leader, to cease the demolitions and that Mr. Pertev appeared to be in a difficult position, since the demolitions were being carried out by the Turkish army.

Furthermore, he characterised the British High Commissioner’s remarks as very positive and clear. He added that the latter has already been in contact with Pertev on the issue of the demolitions and the destruction of the cultural heritage in the occupied areas and had requested of Pertev that the demolitions of houses cease. Mr. Millet also said that he will soon be meeting Turkish Cypriot leader Mr. Mehmet Ali Talat and so-called Prime Minister Mr. Ferdi Sabit Soyer.

Asked if Mr. Pertev responded positively, Mr. Falas said that it appeared ''he was in a tight spot because we all know that the demolitions are the work of the Turkish army in cooperation with the so-called mayor there, using the machinery, the bulldozers, of the local so-called municipality and the so-called district officer of Trikomo.''

Referring to the Saint Andreas monastery, on the tip of the Karpass peninsula, Falas said the Committee would be discussing the issue with the ''authorities'' in the occupied areas so that the ''the long-awaited permit, which we unfortunately need, is finally given, in order for the administrative committee of the Saint Andreas monastery to begin restoration works, based on the plans of the Patra University professors.''

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