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California Assembly and Senate pass joint resolution on Cyprus
2002-08-25 18:29:10

Nicosia, Aug 25 (CNA) -- A joint resolution, adopted recently by the Assembly and the Senate of the state of California,calls on the US President to encourage initiatives to help promote and achieve the reunification of Cyprus within the context of the UN peace effort. (for more details visit the California legislature official website at the address Official California Legislative Information )

The resolution also asks the Administration to continue to strongly support Cyprus' accession to the European Union without a settlement being a precondition.|

"The Legislature calls upon the President of the US to increase the administration's efforts to encourage initiatives that will help promote and achieve reunification, reconciliation, stability and prosperity in Cyprus within the context of the ongoing efforts under the UN Secretary General's auspices and on the basis of the relevant UN resolutions," the joint resolution said.

It requested the US government to "continue to strongly support the accession of Cyprus to the EU, without a settlement of the Cyprus problem being a precondition for accession."

The joint resolution comes as the UN-led peace talks are resuming this week, after a three week break, and in the wake of repeated Turkish threats that it would annex Cyprus' northern Turkish occupied areas should the Republic join the EU, without a prior political settlement.

The joint resolution, introduced by Lou Papan, notes that Turkey for 28 years "illegally occupies 37 per cent of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus and during that time has continually violated the will of the international community."

It refers to UN Security Council resolutions providing for a settlement based on a state of Cyprus with a single sovereignty, international personality and a single citizenship with its independence and territorial integrity safeguarded and comprising two politically equal communities, as described in the relevant Security Council resolutions, in a bicommunal bizonal federation.

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