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Tuesday marked the 33rd commemoration of the 2nd phase of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus
2007-08-16 09:18:59

Tuesday marked 33 years since the second phase of the Turkish invasion and subsequent occupation of Cyprus, the consequences of which are still felt across the island. On August 14, 1974 Turkey’s military advanced further into Cyprus, resulting in the occupation of nearly 37% of the territory.

Speaking at a gathering organized by the Municipal Council of Morphou, to mark the 33rd anniversary since the town was seized by the Turkish army, Foreign-Minister Marcoulli said that the Cypriot government insists on creating the preconditions which will contribute to preparing a new round of negotiations to achieve an overall Cyprus settlement.

She further stated that, “this can only be achieved with the implementation of the July 8 2006 Agreement and through the Gambari process, that is to operate the technical committees and working groups to create the necessary climate and lessen the gap between the positions of the two sides”.

Ms. Marcoulli said the refugees of Morfou as well as all the refugees stand firm and are not compromised by the fait accompli of the invasion and occupation and strive for their return to their homelands.

“We are here today to shout out loud that we will not accept the forceful division of our country and people, the alteration of the demographic character of the island, the flagrant violation of human rights and the illegal seizing and exploitation of our properties”, the Foreign Minister stressed.

“With indignation we look at the provocative and unacceptable stance of the Turkish government and the Turkish Cypriot leadership which promotes, encourages and strengthens the embezzlement of Greek Cypriot properties in the occupied areas and their sale to foreigners”, she remarked.

She pointed out that “we have sent a message to all directions that we will not accept unacceptable compromises which will sanction the results of the Turkish offensive. We will not accept the consequences of the occupation. We continue the fight for reunification of our island and people and restoring our freedom and human rights”.

Furthermore, Marcoulli pledged the government’s stand for a solution which will reunite Cyprus within a bizonal, bicommunal federation “which will exclude foreign interventions, foreign armies and settlers and will reunify the people, the economy and the state’s traditions”.

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