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Britain believes that Cyprus' division can be resolved under the UN
2007-09-06 08:52:53

London, Sep 5 - In a letter to the President of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, Mr. Peter Droussiotis, Mr. David Beeney of the Enlargement and South East Europe Group at the Foreign Office states that the British government ''continues to believe that the ongoing division of Cyprus and the problems it causes are most likely to be fully resolved by a UN-brokered comprehensive settlement.''

The letter is a reply to a document submitted by Mr. Droussiotis to the Prime Minister's Office, during an event organized in July by the Federation against the Turkish invasion and the continuing occupation of over a third of Cyprus' territory.

In his letter, Mr. Beeney notes that ''we remain committed to supporting the two communities in making progress towards a settlement, which we believe offers the best future for the island'' and that ''we continue to call on the leaders of both communities to engage constructively with the UN's efforts to broker a comprehensive and durable settlement, supported by the majority of Cypriots, the achievement of which would benefit Cypriots from both communities.'' He adds that ''We believe that Turkey has an important role in making progress towards a settlement for Cyprus, and that Turkey's EU accession negotiations offer an opportunity. EU member states have no interest in holding Turkey to anything less than the stringent accession criteria already in place.''

Moreover, Mr. Beeney points out that ''it is clear that a Cyprus settlement and recognition of the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey will be necessary before Turkey can join the EU'' and that ''we therefore believe that keeping Turkey's EU accession negotiations on track is the best way to ensure a positive approach from Turkey towards a Cyprus settlement.''

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