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New Member of the Supreme Court of Cyprus is sworn in
2007-09-06 09:00:11

Nicosia, Sep 4 – A new member of the Supreme Court, Judge George Erotokritou, was sworn in on Tuesday September 4, 2007, before the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Tassos Papadopoulos, who pointed out that the rule of law means observing existing legislation without discrimination and respecting citizens’ rights. Mr. Erotokritou was born in Limassol in 1949. He studied in Britain and has served as Court Chair for towns of Cyprus, among other posts. Mr. Erotokritou is replacing Mr. Minos Kronides, who has retired.

President Papadopoulos praised the importance of justice, noting that Mr. Erotokritou was called upon to continue to serve justice from a new post, when justice had not yet come for Cyprus, part of which has been under Turkish occupation since the 1974 invasion. The President pointed out that ''We can be proud, as citizens of this land, that the rule of law prevails, there is absolute independence of the judiciary and total supremacy of the Constitution, as the ultimate law of our state.'' He also said that ''through justice we are struggling to keep the status of the Republic of Cyprus unharmed and we insist, with consistency and trust in justice, on the final vindication of our injured country and people.''

Mr. Erotokritou assured that his only aim was to continue to serve justice with unwavering faith, adding that there was room for improvement in Cyprus’ legal system, with the main problem being time-consuming procedures. Mr. Erotokritou stated that ''I hope that the Supreme Court, with the support of the state and the judiciary, will soon begin a process for a final review of the institutions and the simplification of procedures, which will eradicate delays.''

Cyprus’ Supreme Court President Mr. Christos Artemides assured that the sole aim of all the members of the Court was to process the increasing volume of work and at the same time safeguard and further improve the quality of justice administrated.

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