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Cyprus Government Spokesman says President may meet Turkish-Cypriot leader in October
2007-09-19 12:42:02

Nicosia, Sep 19 - Government Spokesman Vassilis Palmas said on Wednesday that there was a possibility for a new meeting between President Tassos Papadopoulos and leader of the Turkish Cypriot community Mehmet Ali Talat in October, with the implementation of the 8 July 2006 agreement on the agenda.

Commenting on remarks by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in his annual report to the General Assembly that the July 8 agreement had not yet been implemented, Mr. Palmas said ''there is a reserved approach on behalf of the UN.''

''I understand that the UN Secretary General will wait for his meeting with the President of the Republic and possibly with Mr. Talat, so that he has a spherical and clear picture regarding the situation concerning developments to the Cyprus problem. I think that after the picture he sees, he will be a bit more specific and clear in his approaches,'' Mr. Palmas pointed out.

Replying to questions, he said the Greek Cypriot side's efforts were focusing on creating the conditions for the implementation of the procedure agreed upon on July 8, which could lead to progress in the Cyprus problem. He added that the effort right now was for a meeting between President Papadopoulos and Mr. Talat.

''Pressure will be exerted on Turkey and representations will be made to the UN and the EU, in an effort to bring the Turkish Cypriot side, of course with the permission of Turkey, to a discussion aimed at creating conditions for progress,'' the Spokesman noted.

President Papadopoulos recently met Mr. Talat at the residency of the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative Michael Moller on 5 September. The two agreed on the need for the earliest start of the process and discussed other issues leading to a comprehensive settlement.''

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