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Members of European Parliament say Turkey must open ports and airports to Cyprus
2007-10-03 08:57:35

Nicosia, Oct 3 - Members of the European Parliament Transport Committee, currently visiting Cyprus at the invitation of Cypriot MEP Ioannis Kasoulides, have sent a message to Turkey that it must open its ports and airports to the Republic of Cyprus.

''It is clear that Turkey has to obey the treaties they have signed to open their ports and airports for the use by Cyprus and Cyprus-run companies,'' head of the delegation, German MEP of the European People's Party Georg Jarzembowski has stated.

He added that on their return to Brussels, the MEPs would seek a meeting with Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn, from whom they would request that the Commission insists that Turkey must lift the restrictions it is imposing against the Republic of Cyprus.

''It is not possible that a country like Turkey wants to become a member of the EU and is negotiating with the EU for its membership but does not allow ships and airplanes from one of the 27 member states to enter its territories and even violates the agreement it has signed to open the airports and ports. This is very important," he said, adding that "when we go back we will talk to Commissioner Rehn again that within the negotiation of Turkey he will have to insist that these bans of the Turkish authorities on airports and ports have to be lifted.''

Italian MEP Luca Romagnoli of the Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty Group at the European Parliament spoke about the problems faced by the Civil Aviation authority of Cyprus by the illegal airport of Tympou in the Turkish occupied areas.

''Europe must find a solution. From what they told us it is a problem for all EU citizens coming to Cyprus. Our Committee should propose an initiative to the Commission to try to solve this problem,'' he noted.

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