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EU to launch first work project for Turkish Cypriot community
2007-10-18 08:35:14

Nicosia, Oct 11 - The European Commission announced the beginning of a four million euro project, to replace water pipes and domestic water meters in the Turkish occupied part of Nicosia.

A press release by the European Commission says that “this is the first work project to be financed from the EU aid program for the Turkish Cypriot community.”

The project foresees replacement of the main pipes over a length of 83 km as well as the replacement of house connections and 3,800 domestic water meters.

The water pipes to be replaced are mainly made from asbestos cement and are in poor condition leading to possible health hazards as well as a loss of up to 60% through leaks.

The 259 million euro EU aid program for the Turkish Cypriot community is managed by the European Commission. Upgrading of infrastructure to EU standards is a major component of the program, particularly in the area of water distribution and waste water collection and treatment.

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