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Cyprus President makes new proposal for implementation of July 8 Agreement
2007-10-18 08:40:43

Nicosia, Oct 16 – Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos has sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, with eight points for the immediate implementation of the UN-brokered July 8 Agreement and issues that concern the Cyprus problem, announced Government Spokesman Vasilis Palmas.

In a statement, the Spokesman said that during his meeting with the Secretary General on 23 September 2007 in New York, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon appealed to the President for the immediate implementation of the July 8 agreement.

“In response to the SG’s appeal, the President sent a letter yesterday to the UN SG, submitting a proposal with eight points for the immediate implementation of the July 8 Agreed Procedure and other issues that concern the Cyprus problem”, Mr. Palmas said.

Mr. Palmas adds that the proposal ''shows flexibility within the bounds of the agreement, maintaining at the same time respectful dedication to that which was agreed on by the leaders of the two communities.''

The 8-point proposal includes a specific proposal aiming at the institutional and substantive involvement of civil society, so that the negotiating process is closer to the citizen and is democratically monitored to a greater extent, based on participation and proper information.

The Spokesman adds that the proposal contains suggestions regarding confidence-building measures of both military and non-military nature. The Greek Cypriot side, he pointed out, favors the adoption of confidence-building measures, noting however that the aim is not for the measures to replace the process for a settlement.

Special attention is also given to the huge humanitarian problem of missing persons, with the proposal, recommending that emphasis be given to the investigation into the fate of missing persons, for which exhumations are being carried out for some time now.

The Spokesman then stated that: “The President hopes that this initiative will be dealt with in a positive manner by the Turkish side and that the Turkish Cypriot leadership will cooperate to implement, without any delay, the agreed procedure so we can soon be led, after negotiations, to an overall settlement of the Cyprus problem.”

The proposal also includes the opening of crossing points at Ledra Street in Nicosia as soon as possible and in the Pyrgos-Limnitis area by the end of 2007, without any side putting forward any terms or preconditions to the UN.

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