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Cyprus considers Commission's report on Turkey significant
2007-11-08 07:30:57

Nicosia, Nov 7 - The Government Spokesman has described the European Commission's progress report on Turkey as significant, since it recognizes that last year’s UN-brokered July 8 Agreement between the leaders of the island’s two communities will prepare the ground for negotiations aiming at a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem, leading to a reunification.

Replying to questions after a Council of Ministers meeting, Government Spokesman Vasilis Palmas said the fact that the Commission expresses anticipation regarding Turkey's support towards the resumption of talks on the basis of the July 8 Agreement, leads to the conclusion that this clear obligation of Turkey still remains a requirement.

He added that ''it is once again confirmed that the July Agreement is the only agreement before us to help create conditions for progress in the Cyprus problem'' and that the EU, along with the UN, shares this opinion.

Mr. Palmas said it was important that the report criticizes the Turkish military role in the country's politics and in issues such as the Cyprus problem.

President of the Republic of Cyprus Tassos Papadopoulos and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat agreed on 8 July 2006, during a meeting in Nicosia in the presence of UN official Ibrahim Gambari, to begin a process of bicommunal discussions on issues that affect the day-to-day life of the people and concurrently those that concern substantive issues, both contributing to a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem.

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