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Cyprus and Athens Stock Exchange mark one year of common trading platform operation
2007-11-21 13:21:26

Athens, Nov 21 - Chairmen of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) and the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) Mr. Giorgos Koufaris and Mr. Sypros Kapralos respectively, expressed satisfaction over the results of the common trading platform between the CSE and ASE, a year after it was launched.

In a press conference held yesterday in Athens both Chairmen said the common trading platform’s first year of operation was crowned with success and both stock exchanges have been benefited from it.

In statements to CNA Giorgos Koufaris said that the minor technical problems, which existed and hampered the operation of the common trading platform, have been tackled and resolved and added that now the platform is operating smoothly.

Mr. Kapralos then stated, “one year after the launching of the common trading platform the operation has been crowned with success and both bourses have been benefited”.

ASE members and CSE members respectively have conducted nearly 21.7% and 0.9% of the daily exchange activities in the Cypriot market and the Greek market.

The capitalization of the CSE has been increased by 106% during the first year of operation of the common trading platform. Foreign participation at the CSE has also been increased reaching 9.9% of the total capitalization of the CSE, compared to 3.6% a year ago.

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