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Cyprus and Romania Discuss Cooperation in Education
2007-11-29 12:48:36

Nicosia, Nov 28 - Romanian Minister of Education, Research and Youth Christian Adomnitei has expressed satisfaction from the talks he held on Wednesday in Nicosia with Cypriot Minister of Education and Culture Akis Kleanthous, with whom he discussed ways to cooperate for the introduction of information technology in schools, the teaching of the Romanian language in Cyprus and the exchange of students.

Speaking after the meeting, both Ministers said they compared their national education systems and examined ways to promote cooperation with an aim of signing agreements in the near future. ''I am not only satisfied. I am extremely satisfied. This meeting and its results are beyond my expectations and that is why I am thanking Mr. Kleanthous for the wonderful job he has done and will do in these common projects,'' Mr. Adomnitei said.

He also said that during Wednesday's talks ''we had a common presentation about our national systems of education and looked for similarities and differences,'' adding that ''we shared views on how we implement informatics, computers in the lives of our children, and they should all have the opportunity to study them, to know them, to master the computers, because that means a real good chance in life for our children, and it is our duty to provide it for them.''

Referring to the teaching of the Romanian language in Cyprus, Mr. Adomnitei noted that ''we discussed a project that is very dear to our side, the Romanian side,'' adding that ''the Cypriot Ministry already has a project in this respect, with the Cypriots living in the United Kingdom.'' He also noted that ''the only thing that we would need from Cyprus would be the facilities and we are very happy and grateful for this generosity,'' adding that all the other costs would be covered by the Romanian Government.

Referring to the introduction of information technology, Mr. Kleanthous said ''we use the same company'' with Romania regarding the electronic content and the web-school and on the issue of teaching the Romanian language in Cyprus, Mr. Kleanthous said he assured Mr. Adomnitei that ''we are ready at the state institutes and the educational programs to include the teaching of the Romanian language, with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Education.'' He also added that they also discussed the exchange of students in universities, noting that both countries believed this was of great importance.

The Romanian Minister noted that ''we want to open gates in Cyprus and in Romania for our students to come.''

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