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Russian cosmonauts give lecture in Cyprus
2007-12-20 08:31:53

Nicosia, Dec 18 - Russian cosmonauts Alexander Volkov and Alexander Martynov are visiting Cyprus where they will gave a lecture on Monday December 17 concerning their experiences during their space missions.

They are in Cyprus to participate in the events celebrating 50 years since the launch of Sputnik and were be honored by Nicosia Municipality for their services to humanity and their presence in Cyprus.

Mr. Volkov said that following the steps of Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin he studied at the High Military Aviation School named after S. I. Grivteev and became a cosmonaut. He also referred to his three space missions and his experiments at space station “Mir”.

As a cosmonaut-researcher Mr. Volkov had a space flight on board the orbital research complex ''Soyuz T-14'', ''Salut-7'' from 17 September to 21 November, 1985. He had his second space flight as Commander of the Soviet-French team on board of the orbital research complex ''Mir'' from 28 November, 1998 to 27 April, 1989.

During the flight a large program of scientific research was carried out and also the Soviet-French program with cosmonaut-researcher Jean-Louis Cretien was realised. He had his third flight as Commander of Expedition from 2 October, 1991 to 25 March, 1992. During this space flight Soviet-Austrian and Russian-German programs were realized together with cosmonaut researchers Frants Fibek and Klaus Ditrih Flade.

Alexander Volkov was awarded a rank of Hero of the Soviet Union and Space Pilot of the USSR, Order of Lenin, Order of October Revolution and the ''Golden Star'' medal for the courage and heroism shown during these flights. He had been working as Commander of the Cosmonauts Team at the Cosmonauts Training Center from January 1991 until August 1998. His work was to prepare Russian and foreign cosmonauts for future flights to space stations ''Mir'' and ''New International Space Station.''

On his part Mr. Martynov said that he had the responsibility for the transferring and movement of cosmonauts to other planets.

Mr. Martynov graduated from Moscow University of High Technology in 1968, specialising in ''Automatic Control Systems for Flying Apparatus''. He worked in Russian Mission Control Centre from 1968 until 1992 as Head of Ballistics Department. He designed re-entry modules and controlled their flights to provide soft landing on the Earth, Mars, Venus and other plants of the Solar system.

He is also involved in the space program that works out the efficient probing method to predict dangerous phenomena such as hurricanes, dust storms and industrial pollution.

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