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EU Commissioner congratulates Cyprus for Euro changeover
2008-01-10 10:20:01

Nicosia, Jan 9 - The European Union congratulated Cyprus for the smooth changeover of its currency, from the Pound to the Euro, which has become the Republic’s legal tender since 1st January.

Finance Minister Michalis Sarris said on Wednesday that European Union Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia contacted him today, expressing his satisfaction over the transition from the pound to the euro.

According to Mr. Sarris, Mr. Almunia said that ''his services have confirmed that the transition to the Euro in Cyprus was very smooth both in relation to absolute numbers and in relation to other countries.''

The Cypriot Finance Minister also said that Mr. Almunia conveyed to him ''his particular satisfaction for the way with which Cypriots welcomed the Euro, the ease with which it succeeded the Cyprus Pound and the fact that the rounding of prices has been averted to a large extent.''

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