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Exhibition of cartoons from The New Yorker opens today in Nicosia
2008-01-10 12:33:52

An exhibition of cartoons from The New Yorker on the subject of psychoanalysis “On the Couch” opens  today at Castelliotissa Hall in Nicosia.

The program also includes a piano recital by Isabel Ettenauer with her project “The Joy of Toy” at 7:00 pm.

The exhibition will be unveiled at 8:00 pm by Minister of Education and Culture Akis Kleanthous and the Ambassador of Austria Dr. Eva Hager, the exhibition’s principal funder.

The exhibition shows in a turnaround fashion what jokes about psychoanalysis can look like by drawing from the cartoon vault of The New Yorker, a magazine famous for its high cultural and aesthetic standards, including cartoon art.

Isabel Ettenaur is an exceptional musical personality with a notable artistic profile – she captures her audiences’ hearts, both as a pianist and as a world leading toy piano virtuoso for the project, “The Joy of Toy”, in which she plays new music on toy pianos she has been awarded the Pasticciopreis of the Austrian public Radio Osterreich 1.

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