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Embassy News

Ministry of Finance satisfied with successful adoption of Euro
2008-01-17 09:02:14

Nicosia, Jan 16 - The Cypriot Ministry of Finance expressed its satisfaction for the successful transition from the Cyprus pound to the common European currency which was adopted on January 1st , 2008.

A press release by the Ministry says that the increase in oil prices internationally has affected inflation in Cyprus and notes that along with the Statistical Service and the Pancyprian Consumers’ Association, it will continue to monitor price developments.

''The results of the research for January 2008 conducted by the Consumers’ Association are encouraging. No general increase in prices is found but there are some signs of price increase for some products and services of low value”, the press release says. The Euro-observatories in Cyprus have intensified their price control visits to the market to deal with consumers’ complaints.

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