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Two more Cypriot athletes secure participation in Beijing Olympics
2008-01-31 08:24:24

Nicosia, Jan 28 - Cypriot yachting athlete Charis Papadopoulos of the Famagusta Nautical Association is the eleventh Cypriot athlete to secure a place in the Beijing Olympics and the fourth in the Cypriot yachting team.

The Cyprus Yachting Federation has announced that Papadopoulos qualified for the Beijing Olympics at the Finn Gold Cup in Victoria, Australia, where he managed to clinch his entry one day before the event was concluded. The Cypriot Yachting Federation is in fact the only one to have secured the maximum of four athletes with four qualifications.

Furthermore, swimmer Anna Stylianou has also qualified for the Beijing Olympics, bringing the total of athletes in the Cypriot Olympic team to twelve. Ms. Stylianou secured the qualification limit in the 200m freestyle swimming during the Greek Winter Championship in Athens and is the first Cypriot swimmer to qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

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