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EU members expect a constructive Turkish stance on Cyprus
2002-09-01 09:48:42

Nicosia, Aug 31 (CNA)-- The Turkish role in the efforts of finding a just solution to the Cyprus problem will be taken into consideration at the discussions aiming to determine a date for the opening of Ankaras' accession negotiations with the European Union.

This was stressed by Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou at Haelsingor, Denmark, where an informal EU Foreign Affairs Ministers meeting is being held.

Speaking after a discussion on Turkey, Papandreou said the 15 ministers noted the reforms adopted in Turkey, adding that concrete steps still have to be made.

He also said that the EU member countries expect Turkey to show a constructive position to the Cyprus problem and noted that Turkey's stance will be assessed in relation with the decision on Turkey that will be taken in Copenhagen.|

Asked on the Greek stance on Turkey's bid to join the EU, Papandreou said all the issues will be examined and that the determination of a date to open accession negotiations is related with many criteria including the Cyprus issue.

In October the EU will issue its progress reports on the candidate countries and in December the EU Summit is expected to invite ten countries to join the Union. Turkey is seeking to secure a date for the start of accession negotiations with the EU at the December meeting.

Cyprus, which opened accession negotiations with the EU in 1998, is among the candidate states waiting to hear whether it will be called to join the EU.

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