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''House of Europe'' to be established in Cyprus
2008-02-07 08:39:45

Nicosia, Feb 5 – The European Union will soon have its own home in Cyprus. The "House of Europe" in Cyprus is established in cooperation with the corresponding “House of Europe” in Rhodes, Greece.

The history of “House of Europe” dates back to 1950, when a movement of citizens across Europe who began integrating financially decided to set up the “Houses of Europe” federation. At present there are 120 Houses. Each country has the right to create one or more Houses provided it secures the cooperation of an existing House.

The “House of Europe” aims, inter alia, to inform citizens on EU issues and decisions that interest them, such as social and financial matters. It also focuses on the promotion and strengthening of relations among European people through culture, fine arts, literature and music.

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