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Ambassador Schlicher: US ready to work with new President for a Cyprus solution
2008-02-07 10:16:48

Nicosia, Feb 5 - US Ambassador to Cyprus Ronald Schlicher has said that his country stands ready to work with the new Cypriot President, to be elected on February 24th, so that negotiations for a Cyprus solution begin as quickly as possible.

Mr. Schlicher, who met on Tuesday with President of the House Demetris Christofias, said the US remain strictly neutral in the election campaign in Cyprus and have ''no favorite''.

“The US remain strictly neutral in the election. We do not have a candidate, we do not have a favorite. What we do have, is a policy position wanting the reunification of Cyprus and wanting renewed engagement in negotiations to get to that reunification of the island”, he said.

The US Ambassador reassured that “the US stands ready to work with whoever wins the elections to try to get those negotiations started as quickly as possible, to use the July 8th Agreement as the vehicle to get to a substantive engagement on the issues that have to be resolved before the reunification of the island”.

He added that the US “looks forward after the election to the international community coming together in a very clear voice to support the efforts of the parties to renew those negotiations and that engagement”.

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