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Demetris Christofias Elected New President of the Republic of Cyprus
2008-02-25 07:15:15

Nicosia, Feb 24 - Mr. Demetris Christofias was elected to the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus, following the elections which took place on Sunday, 24 February. Mr. Christofias received 53.36 % of the vote, defeating Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides who secured 46.64 %.

Following the official proclamation of his election victory, Mr. Christofias stated that as President of the Republic of Cyprus he had the responsibility of uniting and representing all citizens, with a clear vision to reunify Cyprus, end the occupation and its consequences and turn it into a happy common homeland for all Cypriots. Addressing a large crowd of supporters that evening, he emphasized that he will fight for a just settlement and pursue a solution based on UN resolutions and decisions, the high level agreements of 1977 and 1979, as well as on European and international law.

In thanking the Turkish Cypriot leaders who had congratulated him, Mr. Christofias said “I extend a hand of friendship and cooperation to the Turkish Cypriots and their political leadership.” He then added, “I invite them to work together towards our common goal for the good of Cyprus and its people.”

Mr. Christofias underlined that “Cyprus, as an EU member, is proceeding with dignity and pride.”

He added that “our vision is a fairer society with economic development, coupled with more social justice, a modern state that will stand by its citizens in need.” Furthermore, he referred to his priorities regarding education, health, safety, culture, sports, the environment, sustainable development and combating drug use. “A precondition for this is a strong economy,” he said.

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