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President Christofias Addresses Nation at Investiture Ceremony
2008-02-28 14:52:34

Nicosia, Feb 28 - In his address at the ceremony for his investiture at a special session of the Cypriot House of Representatives which took place on Thursday, newly elected President Demetris Christofias described a “new era” of government in Cyprus, one which he believes will be “marked by the renewal of the political life of the country and the modernization of our society.” He outlined the priorities for his administration, placing particular emphasis on his vision for a solution to the Cyprus problem and ending the Turkish military occupation.

President Christofias said, “I ran for the Presidency of the Republic inspired by a life-long vision: The achievement of a just solution to the Cyprus problem and the building of a fairer society.” He continued, “The solution of the Cyprus problem will be the top priority of my government.”

The President also outlined the fundamental principles of an agreement: “The federal, bizonal, bicommunal Republic of Cyprus must have a single sovereignty and international personality and a single citizenship. The solution must be based on the United Nations resolutions on Cyprus and be compatible with international and the EU law as well as with international conventions on human rights.”

President Christofias reached out to all Cypriots in his remarks, and specifically addressed Turkish Cypriots. “I address myself to our Turkish Cypriot compatriots in order to assure them that I am filled and inspired by the best of intentions for reconciliation and peaceful coexistence. I assure them once again that I will work so that they can enjoy all the rights as equal citizens of a united federal Republic of Cyprus.” He added, “I reaffirm my commitment towards the people that I will be taking constant initiatives towards the international community as well as towards the Turkish Cypriot community, to achieve a solution that will be based on principles.”

He underlined the importance of honoring previous agreements as a basis for proceeding with negotiations. “The starting point to break the deadlock and create the preconditions for a comprehensive negotiation of the Cyprus problem is the implementation of the 8 July agreement, which is embraced and supported by the five permanent members of the Security Council. We declare our readiness for dialogue for the implementation of the agreement and we hope to have a positive response from the Turkish Cypriot side.”

Referring to the European Union, President Christofias stated that, “Cyprus will participate actively in developments in Europe, with the goal of realizing the vision of a socially sensitive Europe.”

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