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Cyprus First in Victory Cyprus Grand Prix Medal List
2008-03-20 08:34:56

Nicosia Mar 19 - Cyprus has won more medals in shotgun than any other participating country in the Victory Cyprus Grand Prix 2008.

The competition took place at the Nicosia Olympic Shooting Range between March 13 - 16.

A press release issued by the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation notes that the ''Victory Cyprus Grand Prix'', which was included in the European Shooting Confederation (ESC), constitutes the biggest grand prix event in the world, as the record-breaking number of entries totaling 423 shooters from 28 countries indicates.

From the 48 medals awarded during the Grand Prix, Cyprus secured 11 (5 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze), followed by Great Britain with 10 medals (5- 4- 1) and Russia with 14 (2-5-7).

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