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University of Cyprus to Accept International Examinations for Admission of Students
2008-04-03 13:14:34

Nicosia, Apr 2 - The University of Cyprus has decided to accept international examinations for admission of certain categories of students to the University.

Beginning this September, a number of students will be admitted to the University of Cyprus via international examinations such as the international certificate (International Baccalaureate), the European certificate (European Baccalaureate), the GCE examinations and other similar examination certificates which can ensure access to the European area of higher education.

The percentage of students to be admitted by international examinations reaches 10% of students entering the University of Cyprus via the Pancyprian Examinations. In real numbers, the new admission standards would apply for 102 students for the academic year 2008-2009.

The decision was taken on Wednesday by the Senate of the University of Cyprus. Rector of the University of Cyprus Stavros Zenios said that the new admission standards apply to graduates of Cypriot private schools and not to graduates of public schools.

They also apply to repatriate Cypriots, Cypriots overseas, non Cypriot citizens who live permanently in Cyprus and children of the diplomatic corps members.

According to a press release by the University of Cyprus, the decision also aims at enhancing the relations of the University with students from the Armenian, Maronites and Latin religious groups who live in Cyprus.

The students who will be admitted by international examinations will have to submit certificates proving their Greek language skills.

The new measure aims to encourage Cypriots to study in their own country thus reducing the number of Cypriots who study abroad.

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